This is a ministry designed to give teachers and students of Christian Schools and Home Schools the opportunity to come to the nation’s capital and to experience the educational and spiritual opportunities of praying for the nation on and around Parliament Hill.  The National House of Prayer would host the students either for a one-day field trip, an overnight visit, or for the week.

Your stay at the National House of Prayer would uniquely combine learning about government from God’s perspective coupled with the spiritual values and the practical experience of praying for the nation and its leaders.

Your stay could include:

  • Bible teaching
  • Practical Prayer Workshops
  • Attending Question Period at the House of Commons
  • A tour of the Parliament buildings and the Peace Tower
  • A Parliament Hill Prayer Walk
  • A visit with your Member of Parliament

develop-senateDepending on the length of your stay, more time could allow for all of the Parliament Hill activities plus possible additional visits to the Supreme Court of Canada, The Senate and the Governor General’s Residence.

The National House of Prayer has hosted hundreds of people on visiting prayer teams from various ages and from various churches, ministries and schools from around the nation. We have seen that the youth of our generation carry a special blessing and a favour from the Lord. Where doors have been closed to older generations, doors have been opened to youth on Parliament Hill, even to having prayer with the Prime Minister.

In the evenings we can arrange some special guest speakers to visit, or have extra worship and/or prayer times.


The Student Package


The Student Package is $60.00 per student per day and includes your overnight accommodation plus meals.

The Student day rate is $25.00 per student and includes lunch.

Arrival times can be in the morning, afternoon or evening and the length of your stay can vary from one night and up to four nights, Monday – Friday. We recommend a visit for at least a couple of nights for full benefit.


Other Areas of Educational Interest

  • The National Art Gallery of Canada
  • The Museum of Civilization
  • The War Museum
  • The Museum of Photography
  • The Agricultural Museum
  • The Diefenbunker
  • Museum of Science & Technology
  • The Royal Canadian Mint


We would be pleased to tailor a visit specific to your class or Home School Association, and can accommodate teams of up to twenty people. For more information and to arrange your visit contact  at info@nhop.ca  or 613.789.4907.