Last evening NHOP had the privilege of supporting Majed El Shafie, in the release of a recent documentary called “Freedom Fighter”.  Majed El Shafie is a survivor of torture at the hands of the Egyptian government because of his conversion from Islam to Christianity. He has an amazing testimony of escaping to Israel via a stolen jet ski and eventually relocating to Canada.

Once landed in Canada he started a human rights organization can “One Free World International”, which seeks to bring attention to the plight of millions of Christians around the world that suffer great atrocities because of their faith. Many people do not realize that Christians are far and above the most persecuted group in the world.

In addition to shining a light on the plight of his fellow Christians, One Free World seeks to bring aid to any minority group of a country that is persecuted because of their faith.  At the meeting last night represented were Falun-Gong, Jew’s, Christian’s and Wiggers (Muslim sect from North China)

“To the degree that you are willing to protect the freedom of your neighbor is the degree that you will enjoy freedom for your own beliefs”. This is something that Majed El Shafie really understands, that without freedom of religion it is simply impossible to have a democracy, the freedom of conscience and belief is what makes up a free person. Christianity is a great proposal to society, a truth that is believed in the heart never to be imposed upon the people. Indeed Christianity is the only religion in the world where it is not by which we have done to merit the favor of God, but rather what he has done for us.

I encourage you to check the trailer for “Freedom Fighter” and become educated to the plight of our brothers and sisters around the globe that we may pray accordingly.