November 1, 2018

Rob & Fran as well as John & Patricia, are writing this letter in agreement regarding a recent decision made at the National House of Prayer.


Over this past month we have been trying to mesh our two distinct types of prayer ministry into one at the National House of Prayer, (NHOP). It has become evident that we are operating in two different paradigms as to how a House of Prayer operates. NHOP has a very unique and primary call to pray for Government and the issues that affect our nation. That is seen in a corporate prayer model at the building of NHOP, as well as silent prayer within the House of Commons, Senate, and even at various Parliamentary committees.  John and Patricia’s primary model has been that of worship and prayer (noted as harp and bowl in Rev. 5:8), where prayer targeting multiple spheres of influence, including government, is released from the place of Worship & the adoration of Jesus.


In addressing the challenges of bringing these two paradigms of prayer into one practice, we have discovered that we are really on two separate tracks.


We want to be sure to underline that we are not saying that one method of prayer is better than the other. Both, as well as many other methods have proven to be very valuable in God’s kingdom.


A decision was made on our part, (NHOP), that our respective ministries will be more fruitful in operating apart.


In regards to our relationships, we will be parting company with a great deal of honour, respect, and mutual blessings to one another. Of course, we are disappointed, but we highly regard one-another and the calling that is on our lives. So again, we truly bless what each is doing for the kingdom of God.



Rob Parker                                              John & Patricia Bootsma