Prayer Missionary Program

The Prayer Missionary Team is an integral part of the prayer mandate for NHOP. It is made up of a small core of individuals who live onsite in residence for a focused period of time.

Seasoned intercessors who feel a strong call on their lives to pray for the nation and who are able to devote themselves for a dedicated season of prayer and service in an environment of a prayer house are invited to apply.

Prayer Missionaries join into every aspect of our ministry and interact with other interns and the Visiting Prayer Teams that come to NHOP weekly.

Program Info

The fee is $700.00 per month. All fees are due by the first day of orientation, unless other arrangements have been made. Cost listed covers all teaching, housing and food. Prayer Missionaries are responsible for the cost of their travel.

Each application is reviewed by the Leadership Team on an individual basis.

Prayer missionaries who are accepted in to the program are asked to raise their own support through their local and regional churches.

Phone: 613-789-4907 or email for more information.

Prayer Missionary Application Form


It has been a tremendous privilege to be a prayer missionary at NHOP for four terms. The Bible commands us to pray for those in authority (1 Tim 2:1, 2) and to honour everyone especially the king (1 Peter 2:17). My time at NHOP has enabled me to be more informed about the government and thereby to pray more effectively.

The majority of Canadians are very aware of Question Period as it is televised; however, the majority of the real work of government happens at committee meetings, debates in the House and the preparations thereof. I have had the distinct privilege of attending various committee meetings during my fourth term at NHOP. The committees are made up of members from all major parties. They examine selected matters in depth and report conclusions and recommendations to the House of Commons. At these committee meetings not only am I becoming much more informed, I am able to pray for the presenter and the committee members.

Come to NHOP for a term as a prayer missionary and see the inner workings of the government of this free country that we have the privilege of living in. Learn to pray more effectively so that ‘we may live peaceable lives and that all may be saved’. 1 Tim 2:4