miracle-loavesI was recently digging into John 6 and the feeding of the 5 thousand. It is the only miracle recorded in all four gospels and must therefore been a significant moment for the disciples. What I want to focus on is in vs.14 “After the people saw the sign Jesus performed, they began to say, “Surely this is the Prophet who is to come into the world.” 15 Jesus, knowing that they intended to come and make him king by force, withdrew again to a mountain by himself.”

The great multitude had just experienced an incredible miracle, but somehow rather than recognition of Jesus as Lord and coming to a place of surrendering agendas before a holy God, the thrust was to make Jesus an earthly king; With 5 thousand men around them, (the makings of a small army), why not? Perhaps more would join as they marched upon Jerusalem and then onto Rome! After all this Jesus just met their earthly need of provision why not another miracle in military victory?

They felt so certain about this that John records they were ready to make Jesus their king by force. What’s interesting, in Luke’s account of the events (LK 9:11), he records that Jesus had spoke to the people that day of the Kingdom. Truly they were missing the message of the Kingdom in which Jesus spoke of and thinking of only the material kingdoms of this earth, kingdoms they felt they could establish by their own hands.

Our fallen nature often filters information for our own self-serving motivations. It is Ironic that the King of the entire universe was before them and they thought they could muster him to be king on their own terms.  It is not Christ that comes to us and surrenders His will in place of ours, but the opposite.

How we need to guard our hearts, that our vision is not building up our kingdom in His name; making Jesus King on our terms.

All of us can fall into the trap of our relationship with God being based on what He can do for us.  This reducing of Jesus to simply a provider of needs, robs Him of the truth that He is indeed everything, He is the bread Himself and this demands our absolute worship.

He is not just the source of what you get, He is everything you get, our faith is not built upon an outcome but rather a Person.