Our team here at NHOP is committed to ongoing training for intercessors in our nation.  As a result of the teaching that visiting teams have experienced while spending a week with us in Ottawa, we have been asked to bring our training to many regions of Canada.

Some topics:

  • Why we Pray for Government
  • Corporate Prayer Dynamics
  • Growing in Authority
  • Fasting and Prayer
  • Praying Biblically: Handling Your Sword
  • Becoming a House of Prayer
  • Faith-Based versus Fear-based Intercession
  • Travail & Wrestling with God 
  • Honouring the Spirit of Prayer 
  • Walking with Pastors 
  • Canada, a House of Prayer for the Nations
  • Healing the Land 
  • End-Times Intercession
  • Strategic Prayer for Government
  • Developing a City-wide Prayer Network
  • Prayer and Revival
  • Discernment
  • Decrees