City Hall Prayer

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Launching City Hall Prayer

by National House of Prayer

Launching CITY HALL PRAYER (Beginning April 16, 2018) Recently I was impacted by two politicians, one local and the other federal, on the importance of Christians praying for local politicians. One of them, the existing mayor, explained that federal or provincial laws must be implemented on the local level, which usually requires not a few […]

Legalization of Marijuana and Our Kids

by National House of Prayer

Make Family Dinners An Essential Part Of Your Daily Routine This might surprise you, but if you want to prevent your teenager from abusing alcohol or other drugs, then eat dinner with him or her on most days of the week. Or at least this statistic is according to the September issue from the National Center […]

City Hall Prayer: Building an Effective Prayer Team

by National House of Prayer

Anyone who has been involved in leading prayer knows the challenges of encouraging people to come out and join in the labour of prayer. Yet, we also know that some of the strongest relationships are built as we pour out our hearts in prayer and receive back from God, his responses. As you begin to consistently pray […]

City Hall Prayer: Legalized marijuana and your municipality

by National House of Prayer

Until now, our prayer targets opposing the legalization of marijuana have been focused on the federal government. With the legislation now in the Senate we need to continue these efforts, but also expand them. Although the legalization of recreational marijuana is determined by federal law, provinces and municipalities will have significant influence over what this […]

Tips on Connecting with Local Politicians

by National House of Prayer

When we have a good and well-balanced understanding of authority, we can actually empower those who occupy a position of authority to function better. For example, as Christians, we are taught to honour our fathers and mothers that it may go well with us (Ex. 20:12). In other words, there are potentials of God’s blessings […]

City Hall Prayer: Encouraging Testimonies

by National House of Prayer

There are many who, through the years, have faithfully championed prayer on the grass-roots level for their local government. Many of these faithful individuals responded to our announcement of City Hall Prayer and we wanted to share some of these responses with you.  From a Mayor in Alberta: I think this is a great initiative. […]