P23169TA208506_p_4Rob and Fran Parker are the founders and Directors of NHOP.  They heard the call to create an “Embassy of Prayer” in the nation’s capital on Canada Day – July 1st, 2000 after Rob had made a 73 day Prayer Walk from Calgary to Ottawa.  After several years of sharing the vision with other leaders across the nation they moved to the capital in 2004 to begin establishing a ministry that would mobilize prayer for government.

Rob is originally from Victoria, B.C. and had a career as a paramedic working both in the Canadian Arctic and the Saharan desert before studying at Queen’s University in Belfast, Northern Ireland and returning to pastor a church in his home city.

Fran was born in Calgary but raised in Cape Breton and served in the health care field, while working alongside her husband with the Baptist congregation in Vernon, B.C.

God clearly led Rob and Fran in establishing a strategic and prayerful presence for the government of Canada. Over the past twelve years, thousands of Christian believers have come to pray in the halls of government through the ministry of the National House of Prayer. Rob has recently written a book called “We Have a Voice”, with over 17,000 copies distributed, which offers practical insight and important information to equip and encourage Christians to pray for their nation, vote responsibly, and be involved in the public square.

Sue Huston is a suemember of the Leadership Team at the National House of Prayer in Ottawa. She provides oversight to the Prayer Missionary Program at NHOP and facilitates prayer gatherings as teacher and leader. Sue is also the Director in Canada for ASK Network International. She has been committed to the study and practice of prayer for over 25 years. Sue’s experience also includes serving in church leadership and providing encouragement while exhorting the importance of corporate prayer and community prayer settings.

Sue retired from employment with the Federal Government after 30 years of service and came to NHOP with the intention of staying for one month in February 2012. It was through a clear call of the Lord, confirmed through Rob and Fran Parker and others, that she was to serve at the National House of Prayer indefinitely. Her deep love for the Nation of Canada and the North American Continent seeds her desire to see a power grid of prayer arise, founded on the Word of God and fuelled by the Holy Spirit.

Our Staff – When you visit the National House of Prayer you will meet other key members of our staff.  Some of them are in the Kitchen, the office or serving as Prayer Missionaries.  At other times you will meet interns or others who are doing a short term work program with us. It takes a whole team to deliver the ministry that God has called us to do in our nation’s capital.