Well another year has come and gone for our biggest Campfire yet!

Campfire Aerial Park day

All the campers had an absolute blast and awesome time in the word and traversing all over Ottawa doing all kinds of wild and crazy things.

There were a few blisters for sure from all the walking (especially our final late night excursion!), but who can complain when you are having so much fun.  I have never seen lips as blue and people shaking from the cold with such big smiles on their face as I did at the water slides this year.

As well it was cool to see different campers overcome their fear of heights on the zip-line obstacle course and bravely step out trusting only their harnesses, great work!

This year we had a focus on developing a Christian Worldview and spent the week discovering how this affects how we view every aspect of life and how we engage in prayer!

Here we are in the House of Commons! Thats Joey at the front with the face

Long lasting friendships were made and I hope all the campers stay in touch with one another throughout the summer and I pray the word that was sown into their hearts would continue to grow and be watered by the spirit.